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Did you know that the world's oldest known puzzle is more than 2000 years old? The stomachion was probably invented by Archimedes of Greece who created the 14-piece puzzle to challenge his fellow-philosophers and -mathematicians.

After browsing the internet for a while, you may find some stomachion replicas online. At Rainbow Fun though, you'll discover the Seedling Adventurer Triangle Test, which is a tangram, a simpler version than Archimedes' puzzle. It has only seven pieces, originates from China, and your kids may have endless hours of fun trying to solve it.

For young or old, kids puzzles are marvellous

Childrens Puzzles in our online shop, made from wood, cardboard or felt, are favourites for the very young. You can buy these without a worry. We take care in picking toy and games manufacturers who pay as much attention to the aspects of quality, non-toxicity, eco-friendliness, and durability as you and we do. We are proud to present an extensive range of kids puzzles for all ages from the world's bestselling brands.

Are your kids fond of peg puzzles, or do they enjoy construction puzzles most? As soon as they learn to read, write, and count, consider buying them spelling or counting puzzles. The Thinkfun Fidgitz Twisty Brainteaser is another toy which will keep your child racking its brain for hours. It's excellent for learning perseverance and critical thinking. Gordian's Knot of the same manufacturer is a variation on another famous old classic.

Are 18 000 pieces enough?

Aside from childrens puzzles online, you will also find an abundance of childrens jigsaws online.

While as an adult, you may tell yourself that it makes sense first to sort all the pieces of the same colour, your kid may have a different opinion. If they start dividing up the pieces in a way you don't understand, then there's no need to frown; just keep watching. When confronted with jigsaw puzzles, kids may use an unusual approach, but after some practice, they'll finish the picture rapidly enough. It's interesting to see how our way of thinking and tackling a problem evolves with time.

Harry Potter enthusiasts will delight in the puzzles from The New York Puzzle Company. Reconstructing Diagon Alley, the Cornish Pixie attack or the Chamber of Secrets is bound to make them smile. Consider Melissa & Doug puzzles for young fans of dinosaurs, dragons, and pirates.

Without Ravensburger, our supply of online childrens jigsaws wouldn't be complete. This leading German producer of award-winning kids jigsaw puzzles was founded in 1883. There's something for everyone in the Ravensburger range with 12 piece jigsaws for very little beginners up to jigsaw puzzles of 300 pieces for older children. Ravensburger even offers a mind-blowing 18 000 pieces jigsaw puzzle for adolescents or parents, or for the whole family to complete together. If your children are eager for a different challenge, Ravensburger also focuses on 3D puzzles and Puzzleballs. Some of the themes and images are truly breathtaking. You'll find that once you start browsing for Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles in our online shop, the puzzle itself isn't the problem. It's trying to decide which lovely picture to choose.