The Manhattan Toy Company

The founder of Manhattan Toy Company, Francis Goldwyn, was the famous grandson of Hollywood studio mogul Samuel Goldwyn. After a few years working in the family business, Francis left Hollywood. In 1978, he started The Manhattan Toy Company featuring a style of plush toys that were intentionally under-stuffed. Francis Goldwyn eventually sold Manhattan Toy Co with the new owners moving the company to Minneapolis. Manhattan Toys utilise thoroughly tested, water based paints on all wooden toys, and all toys are tested to strict international safety standards.

The Manhattan Toy Company recognises that children are profoundly influenced by the toys they play with. They aim to design and produce toys that have a chance to positively affect the future. Their range includes the very popular baby product the "Skwish", Groovy Girls, Winkel and more. With a focus on quality, innovation design and a delightful appeal, Manhattan children's toys and baby toys are becoming a must have toy for every family.

Manhattan Toy Co. Bed & Biscuit Labradoodle Set

Manhattan Toy Co. Bed & Biscuit Labradoodle Se

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