When Rain Looms Outside, Buy a RAINBOW LOOM® Kit online

Isn’t it great when, despite the rain outside, your children are playing to their heart's content without needing the television, tablet, or phone? You grin when you hear them engaged in imaginary play and see the valiant princess battling a more .

Rainbow Looms and Bands for Bracelets and Other Trinkets from RAINBOW LOOM®

Claiming that RAINBOW LOOM® has taken the world by storm would be an understatement. With good reason; this toy is excellent to stimulate creativity. You know this from your own children's experience. Whenever the weather is too wet and more .

Djeco Toys, Craft Toys, Puzzles, and Magnet Puzzles Aplenty at Rainbow Fun

Are you blinking your eyes, because you think you just saw a gecko on Rainbow Fun's website? This is the logo of Djeco, a French brand. Ever since 1954, this company has been dedicated to manufacturing exceptional quality toys and games for more .

Educational Toys and Games for Kids to Make Learning Fun

Even before the moment your kids came into this world, they were already learning. Discerning the difference between dark and light, picking up sounds, sensing movement, tasting the surrounding protective water, preparing them for life more .

Treat Your Kids to Childrens Jigsaws and Puzzles - Available Online at Rainbow Fun

Did you know that the world's oldest known puzzle is more than 2000 years old? The stomachion was probably invented by Archimedes of Greece who created the 14-piece puzzle to challenge his fellow-philosophers and -mathematicians more .

Shopping for Toys Online? Engage Your Kids with These Board Games for Children

For any young child, developing critical thinking, social engagement, and logical reasoning skills are crucial to overall growth and development. The earlier kids receive stimulation in these areas, the better they’ll perform in both social and more .

Why Craft Kits for Children Can Nurture Kids in Australia and Their Creativity

In some places throughout the world, schools and educational institutions focus less energy and attention on art as an important tool for kids. Creative mediums such as art and music are, in fact, vital for children’s development and should more .

Rainbow Fun Offers Kids Toys for Sale Online. Look at These DIY Craft Kits for Children

We live in a technology-focused age, one that doesn’t just impact adults. Mobile phones, iPads, smart TVs, video game systems. They all take up way too much of our daily time, and it’s hard to put them down and focus on something without a screen more .

Make Bath Time Fun for Your Toddlers with These Water Toys Available Online and in Australia

There’s nothing quite like bath time for young kids. As a parent, you may even have fond memories of playing with toys in the bath as a little one. Bath time is unique, as it’s a time for cleanliness but also for fun and laughter. It’s even a more .

Find educational toys online for kids and toddlers

We all know how enjoyable the Internet can be, even for young children or toddlers. There are more and more games online aimed at hooking them into a technology lifestyle. Most of these online games serve one purpose – turning your more .

Buy Children’s Educational Toys for Kids and Toddlers Online in Australia

Children grow up so fast, and this is especially true between the ages of newborn and six when their minds are rapidly developing. There is a tendency sometimes for busy parents to sit children in front of a screen – sometimes a TV screen, sometimes more .

Top quality kids and baby toys online in Australia

Children love toys that ignite their imaginations. Toys that draw out their creativity. It can be a jigsaw puzzle, or a board game, or an arts and craft kit or a set of wooden building blocks. Toys that help them improve physical and social more .

Buy Kids and Children’s Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Remember when you were a kid and you would spend hours doing a jigsaw puzzle? Maybe it was a nature scene or a famous moment in sports or a well-known landmark. Perhaps it was a family event, and the whole family would search through little more .

Where to Buy the Best Children’s Board Games online in Australia

The idea of coming together as a family sometimes resembles a magic act, especially with the average family’s busy social schedule, kids’ sporting events, after-school activities and working parents. For many families, simple things such more .

Kids Educational Wooden Toys in Australia Available Online Can Change the Way Kids Learn

It’s no secret that education begins at home. A child’s physical, social and emotional development hinges upon their ability to engage in creative play. When children receive the space and encouragement to unplug from technology and enjoy more .

Create Memories and Buy Kids Wooden Toys Online

When was the last time you created something with your child? The action of unplugging from technology and making the time to focus on a creative project together can be extremely beneficial for your you and your child more .

Encourage Sensory Play and Buy Amazing Children’s Bath Toys Online in Australia

The influence of a warm bath should never go unnoticed. Since the beginning of time baths have been considered more than just a way to cleanse. Aside from being one of life’s most popular simple pleasures, a bathing ritual can be healing more .

Get the Best for Your Children with Kids’ Wooden Puzzle Toys Available in Australia

Wooden puzzles can be a fantastic learning tool for kids of all ages. They are ideal for enhancing a child’s growth and development, offering a range of potential benefits from promoting problem-solving skills to teaching the importance of more .

Where to Buy Kids’ Wooden Puzzles Online for All Children’s Age Groups

Many children have an innate love for puzzles. With such a natural inborn curiosity to learn about the world through investigation and problem solving, it is not surprising that lots of little ones have fun solving various kinds of puzzles more .

Nurture Your Child and the Planet with Our Eco-Friendly Toys and Crafts Available Online

Any visit to most toy stores nowadays makes it clear that sustainability and the toy industry often feel at odds with one another. With so many toys made from disposable and non-biodegradable materials like plastics, the ecological impact more .

Why Choose Organic Cotton and Wooden Baby Toys?

When you’re choosing toys for your baby, you’ll find many plastic, battery-operated, or screen-based toys – so we offer an alternative. At Rainbow Fun, we sell organic baby toys made of natural materials such as cotton and wood so that more .

Choosing the Right Baby Shower Presents and Where to Find Toys and Gifts for New Babies

If you have no idea what to buy, choosing baby shower presents can be tricky. There are so many different things mum, dad, and baby might appreciate – but which ones would make the perfect gifts? From clothes to toys to books to blankets to more .

The Many Benefits of Kinetic Sand and Where to Buy a Kinetic Sand Float and Other Great Toys Online

Kinetic Sand has been growing in popularity recently, and if you’ve ever played with it, you know why. Once you experience its fascinating texture and properties, you never forget it. Kids and adults alike find Kinetic Sand super cool – more more .