French company Djeco have been in the business of making beautifully designed wooden toys, educational toys, games and creative activities for children since 1954. They specialise in developing creative products that are specifically designed with children in mind and are renowned worldwide for the whimsical flair they bring to their high-quality and innovative products.  The inspired Djeco toys range includes art & craft kits, puzzles, games and more for all ages from toddler through to teens.

Djeco are driven by awakening children’s sense of wonder, enriching their imagination, making them want to continue discovering. The attention to detail starts with the products and extends all the way through to the beautiful packaging.  With step-by-step booklets, little cards, decorative boxes and hints to guide children through the activities, the product will lead children to results that their family and friends will really love!

Djeco Jungle Balloon Ball

Djeco Jungle Balloon Ball


Djeco Bugs Scratch Boards

Djeco Bugs Scratch Boards


You and your child will both love Djeco toys and art kits

Broaden your child’s horizons and help them to explore their own abilities with the Djeco collection from Rainbow Fun. Learn the basics of beading or origami, or create something extraordinary with our foil art kits.  

The Djeco philosophy is to use what children already love doing – colouring, drawing, crafting, experiencing new textures – and to use it as an educational opportunity. Help your child discover the world around them and their own creativity with this collection from a respected European designer.

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