Kids Slime

Slime and putty are fabulous sensory play tools for kids.  Stretch it, skwish it, roll it, bounce it there are endless possibilities with both slime and putty.  Whether you love putty or slime each has its own special properties.  Both putty and slime are great for children with attention or nervous disorders, the sensory feel of putty and slime can be calming for children to play with in times of high anxiety or stress.  They are great as a small item to keep on your desk or in your pocket (in the tin!) to bring out when you need something to take your mind off things or just to play with for a little relaxation.

We have some fabulous slime and putty products in our range including the Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty which we believe is one of the superior thinking putty products on the market.  Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty has a fabulous feel in your hands, can be bounced, stretched, rolled or snapped and is made from premium quality ingredients so it is also long lasting if you keep it clean and store it away in the tin.