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The idea of coming together as a family sometimes resembles a magic act, especially with the average family’s busy social schedule, kids’ sporting events, after-school activities and working parents. For many families, simple things such as having a family dinner are more of a dream than an everyday reality. It seems that many parents are at work more than they are home and often struggle to compete for their children’s attention with today’s technology-driven society.

When you’re looking to engage the entire clan in why not treat everyone to a rousing board game? You can find the absolute best kids board games in Australia, at Rainbow Fun, as we have the games, toys, activity ideas and gifts that you need to gather everyone in the family and create a memorable theme family game night.

How Children’s Board Games Help Parents

In today’s modern society, kids spend a great deal of time plugged into technology. Unlike their parents, the 21st Century child has grown up in a generation that depends upon technology for entertainment and social interaction. Many parents battle to find a balance between providing their kids with the gadgets that kids covet and exposing kids to traditional activities.

Educators believe that the average 8 to 11-year-old child spends an exorbitant amount of time engrossed in technology on one or more of many available internet-enabled devices. These devices include a cell phone, iPads, reading tablets, and gaming machines such as Nintendo DS, PlayStation, and Xbox. What is a concerned parent to do to get the kids away from the screen?

Parents are discovering that there are ways to limit their kid’s screen time without denying them the technology that permeates the younger generations. Here are a few ideas?

  1. Create clear boundaries and monitor your child’s screen time and reward them with non-technology activities for adhering to the time limits.
  2. Offer fun alternative hands-on activities. Some ideas include good old-fashioned arts and crafts, outdoor activities, creative DIY craft or cooking kits and children’s board games.

Save Time Buying Children’s Board Games Online in Australia

At Rainbow Fun, we strive to create toys that engage and inspire children to enjoy creative play apart from modern technology. We offer a host of original toys geared to engross and stimulate your child’s imagination.

Some people don’t realise that board games have been around for much longer than we think. In fact, the first games were said to be around during pre-historic times which means that people were playing board games long before language was composed. Also, it’s been said that the first board game was dice, which is interesting since it’s also an essential piece in many of the favourite board games of this century. These somewhat simple yet charming games can be the conduit that puts the fun back into the family game night.

When you purchase our kids board games online, you will be satisfied knowing that the Rainbow Fun test our games. We take pride in creating fun, interactive toys made to encourage and educate young aspiring minds. When you’re seeking a truly unique and productive gift, choose the Rainbow Fun line. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter for updates about new and well-liked items.