ThinkFun Games

Choose your kids game from this award winning selection of educational kids games by ThinkFun.  The team at ThinkFun aim to create the best kids games to challenge the mind and develop creative thinking skills.  At ThinkFun they are passionate about making learning fun, it is the driving force behind everything they do. It’s the underlying philosophy behind every game, brainteaser and puzzle they create. Each game and puzzle is thoughtfully designed to be the spark that ignites young minds and gives children an early learning advantage. ThinkFun’s addictively fun, educational learning games are helping to ignite 21st century thinking skills in children around the world.

Think Fun games are designed to help children develop STEM skills through creative thinking and critical thinking challenges. From engineering toys and coding games to open ended construction kits, the range at Think Fun will develop a whole range of problem-solving skills, resourcefulness and ingenuity.