Paper Crafts

From origami folding to stamping, from cardboard construction to creating your own paper puppets, paper craft is a beautiful creative outlet for all ages.  Create amazing paper characters, paper dolls or cardboard castles for hours of imaginative play or design a special gift for a friend with custom stamp sets.  Sometimes the simplest of paper crafts can inspire creativity and create a world for imaginative play.

Djeco Pirate Tattoos

Djeco Pirate Tattoos


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Author: Alex Jones 9yrs   Date Posted: 10 November 2015  

The Original Spirograph Card Creations Kit $9.95 by Hasbro M y name is Alex, well you probably already know that. Today I am reporting on a spirograph card set. At $9.95 I thought this was worth the money a s there were a lot of pretty cards and papers in the packet. You are also probably wondering wher...

Author: Cate Rocchi - Perth Media  

Switch the screens off at set times, have screen-free rooms in your home and slow down, says UK parenting expert Carl Honoré. Honoré, author of Under Pressure and star of TV show Frantic Family Rescue , spoke to a large Perth crowd this week. He said parents should not schedule in every moment of the day. They should leave time for children to get bored as this allows them to use their imagination. Let them go outside and play, discover the world around them and be creative. He warned families should understand how a ‘roadrunner culture’ is not always good for emotional stability and development. Honoré sa...

Build it, paint it and play with it; with Calafant's cardboard toys you can encourage and support your child's creativity and imagination. These award-winning toys are designed in Germany and made of eco-friendly high-quality, recyclable cardboard, all pieces are pre-cut and thanks to a simple slot-system each toy can be put together without glue and scissors. Y our child will love this inspired range of creative toys, Calafant cardboard toys are e asy to build, fun to decorate and wonderful to play with! ...