Yellow Owl Workshop

We are excited to add the beautiful range of rubber stamp activity sets, stamp pads and inks from Yellow Owl Workshop to our store.  Based in San Francisco, Yellow Owl Workshop have captured a sophisticated yet playful aesthetic across a range of decorative rubber stamps and stationery items.  The products by Yellow Owl Workshop include premium quality rubber stamps and stamp ink pads designed with beauty and the environment in mind. Though the product line is diverse, consistent themes of innovative function, original graphics and bold colours emerge into designs that we just love. We hope you will love them too!

As a creative activity for kids and adults alike, stamping has been around for generations.  The simple process of transfering beautiful and colourful designs onto stationery, fabrics and more has captured the imagination of creative types of all ages and is a great way for simple creative expression.  We love custom designing our own gift cards and gift tags for friends and family, that personal touch is a wonderful way to say "thank you" or "I love you" to someone special in your world.  Get yourself a stamp kit and an ink pad and start creating today!