At Ebulobo they believe that a toy is a tool for development and early-learning!  They have specialised in a range of activity toys for babies and toddlers all based around early-learning and psychomotor development skills that are essential for babies when they play.

Ebulobo is conscious that babies don’t only play to have fun but also to learn. With play, babies experience visual, sound and touch-sensitive stimulation. They also learn about their own coordination and recognition of forms and colours.  All these learning processes are fundamental for the early development of children.

With Ebulobo their range of products are developed so each toy matches a function, an age bracket and to a babies ability.

The Ebulobo range is beautifully created with imagination and flair so that each toy is unique whilst also adhering to the strictest toy safety standards to ensure the toys are safe for babies and toddlers and relevant to the age range.