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Are you blinking your eyes, because you think you just saw a gecko on Rainbow Fun's website? This is the logo of Djeco, a French brand. Ever since 1954, this company has been dedicated to manufacturing exceptional quality toys and games for children. Djeco thoroughly tests and checks everything before, during and after production. A team of famous illustrators, designers and graphic artists anticipate the games of their fanciful illustrations. There's an Oscar for toys which Djeco has won no less than four times.

Djeco puzzles to develop a keen mind

Children can never get enough of puzzles. Even while they're still only toddlers, they're intrigued at how the pieces fit together and form a complete picture. The game is fun and at the same time, sharpens the mind. Pre-schoolers will adore the Djeco Moza Blop Mosaic Fish Wooden Puzzle. The mosaic pieces in bright yellow, orange, blue and black are made of durable wood. As your child gets older, they will enjoy Djeco's 36 or 54-piece puzzles which present a tougher challenge. Putting these together rewards the puzzler with some splendid scenes.

Djeco magnet puzzles are of the same high-quality with stunning images. It stands to reason that these big pieces are made of wood treated with non-toxic materials so that the very youngest children can play with them in absolute safety.

Your child grows, and Djeco grows with it

While Djeco puzzles and magnet puzzles aim mainly at a child's imagination, Djeco craft toys stimulate creativity. The toys, as well as their packaging, are designed by different artists, making each craft kit unique.

Your children can fold origami objects at leisure. Kirigami is intriguing too, a variation of origami including cutting of the paper while excluding the use of any glue.

Rub-on transfers and stencils provide double fun since once your child has created the picture, they can colour it as well. The same applies to the dress paper dolls which come with beautiful outfits, including shoes, gloves and even an umbrella. Once the dolls are dressed, roleplaying with friends will keep your child occupied and happy at the same time.

Countless themes and materials

One glance at our Rainbow Fun website will make it clear to you; the supply of Djeco craft toys is so vast that choosing becomes almost impossible. Discover the breathtaking plant and animal themes, but also the dragons and dinosaurs. Without these fabled creatures, a set of toys wouldn't be complete. Does your daughter dream of becoming a fairy, a mermaid, a princess or an artist? Or is your son most content when he imagines being a knight, a Viking or an aeroplane pilot?

Does your child delight in playing with paper, sand, chalk markers, glitter, coloured foil or beads? Djeco toys offer endless possibilities for hours packed with creativity, imagination, and - most important of all - fun. You won't have to worry about keeping them away from the smartphone, tablet, or television.