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We live in a technology-focused age, one that doesn’t just impact adults. Mobile phones, iPads, smart TVs, video game systems. They all take up way too much of our daily time, and it’s hard to put them down and focus on something without a screen. That’s learned behaviour, and it can have a negative impact on social and communication skills. Because it’s learned behaviour, we often don’t realise that we’re doing too much of it, and that can have an impact on our kids as well. Especially at young ages, your kids want to imitate you. They see you doing something, and they want to do that same thing, no matter what. This extends to activities such as texting on your phone or watching a video on your tablet.

Instead of allowing your children to spend too much time on your screens, which can impact their development and social behaviour, find some educational toys and activities for them. This way, they’ll be engaged, imaginative, and learn important skills that they’ll need their entire lives. At Rainbow Fun, we offer a fantastic selection of craft kits for children online. Our goal is to help parents and kids bond, while also helping those kids develop creative skills.

Forget the iPad. Browse Our Craft Kits for Sale Online

Technology has even reached our parenting. For many activities that a parent must do, such as monitor a sleeping baby, technology has been a fantastic help. However, the current trend in parents is to give young children their own iPads or tablets to watch videos and play games. While, in moderation, playing educational games and watching videos on a tablet can help teach kids, they’re often depended on excessively and used as distraction tools. Every parent needs a break now and then, but many will give their kids an iPad anytime they need a moment of peace-and-quiet.

As parents, you deserve those precious moments, but you don’t have to depend on an expensive screen to get them. Arts and crafts are a perfect way to calm your kids down while also teaching them skills that they won’t get from watching a tablet for an hour. Crafts teach hand-eye coordination through colouring and cutting. They instil patience when glue is involved, as this takes time to dry. They even impart self-esteem, as your kids will be proud when they’ve finished an art project that they can give to you. While technology is fantastic, and a support to modern parenting, there’s no substitute for arts and crafts.

For Parents, By Parents

At Rainbow Fun, we work to find and sell products that we would give to our kids. Our product line is curated by parents, for parents. We wouldn’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t let our kids use. Along with our fun selection of craft kits, we also have an extensive range of educational toys, board games, bath toys, and puzzles for sale. If you’re looking for toys and craft kits for kids online, you’ve come to the right place!

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