The Many Benefits of Kinetic Sand and Where to Buy a Kinetic Sand Float and Other Great Toys Online

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Kinetic Sand has been growing in popularity recently, and if you’ve ever played with it, you know why. Once you experience its fascinating texture and properties, you never forget it. Kids and adults alike find Kinetic Sand super cool – more like 99% sand and 1% magic! Kinetic Sand is one of those things that can be difficult to describe to someone who’s never touched it. It’s sand, yet it’s mouldable, free-flowing, and magical. It’s similar to wet sand, but it never dries out, and it sticks only to itself, which means clean-up is a breeze. Kinetic Sand is ideal for indoor and outdoor play and opens children’s imaginations easily with its unique texture and abilities. Here are some of the things you and your child will love about this fantastic product.

Fine motor development

Kinetic Sand can assist with the development of fine motor skills. As a very hands-on material, it encourages kids to squish, squeeze, poke, pinch, roll, and flatten to their hearts’ content. They can also scoop it, mould it, cut it, and anything else they can dream up.

Pretend play

Kinetic Sand naturally encourages creative play and hones certain cognitive skills. Children can mimic everyday activities as they build the skill sets they need through an activity so fun, they won’t realise they’re learning. A pile of Kinetic Sand can be a zoo, a mountain, a pretend scoop of chocolate ice cream, or anything else with a few extra small toys – or just a broad imagination.

Sensory experiences

If your child is a sensory seeker, they won’t be able to get enough of Kinetic Sand’s amazing texture. This magical sand has been known to keep kids occupied for hours. If your child is on the autism spectrum or has sensory processing disorder, they may enjoy pressing or squeezing the Kinetic Sand, finding this activity soothing. If your child doesn’t like sand because of the mess, Kinetic Sand may be the answer as it doesn’t stick to skin or clothes and won’t end up under fingernails.

A sense of calm

The simple, fluid movement of the Kinetic Sand is something that can both amaze and soothe anyone who plays with it. Its light, airy texture moving slowly through your fingers will make you want to play with it repeatedly. Kinetic Sand often makes an excellent reward for cooperation, too – it’s that much fun.

Where to buy Kinetic Sand online

At Rainbow Fun, we know that that the 1% magic in Kinetic Sand really does exist! Kinetic Sand Float and other great Kinetic Sand sets are available to buy online and in our Sunshine Coast store. We also offer a wide range of other toys for children of all ages, focusing on screen-free, creative, educational items that kids and parents both love. Are you looking for a Kinetic Sand Float or any other fun Kinetic Sand toys? We’ve got you covered. With a vast variety of toys in stock and exceptional customer service, Rainbow Fun can be your go-to toy store anytime you need a gift for a little one. Don’t worry – if you decide to get yourself some Kinetic Sand while you’re at it, we won’t judge!