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When was the last time you created something with your child? The action of unplugging from technology and making the time to focus on a creative project together can be extremely beneficial for your you and your child.

It’s common knowledge that each child is born with the ability to be creative and imaginative, but their capacity for self-discovery can be restrained. This happens when we don’t provide kids with space or time to behave imaginatively and release their creative energy which hinders their ability to express themselves.

Children require consistent and innovative opportunities and appropriate materials that nurture artistic experiences such a role-play, drawing and painting, and music. There are so many fun and inventive activities for kids to include educational games, craft kits, costumes, outdoor toys, puzzles, mobiles, and noisemakers.

The bottom line is that the more we expose kids to diverse and versatile creative experiences, the more expressive they will be as adults.

Delight your Child and Buy Toddler Wooden Toys Online

Playtime is a crucial component of a toddler’s emotional, physical, and cognitive and social growth. No matter what the age, young children learn about themselves and the world using all five senses. The rate of growth during the first few years of life is exponential, and this is the period when your toddler learns the significance of listening, smelling, tasting, and touching various things. The natural propensity for curious exploration is at the core child’s play and the safe experimentation with different sights, sounds and textures is paramount to healthy early development.

Our website makes it simple to provide the avenue for toddlers to learn safely. You can shop online for kids of any age and purchase a memorable, age-appropriate and kid-approved toy, game or craft activity kit. The Rainbow Fun family test each of our toys, and we are proud to offer our hand-selected favourites online. When you buy toddler wooden toys online, your baby or toddler is getting a toy that has been proven to be child-friendly, environmentally safe, and most importantly, fun! We craft quality toddler wooden toys and educational activity kits with the early-learner in mind.

We Make It Easy to Buy children’s wooden toys online

When you’re in the market to give a gift that inspires your child to tap into their creative side why not buy wooden toys online? We recognise that imaginative play is a crucial factor for healthy early development and we encourage parents, caregivers and teachers to provide children with intriguing hands-on activities instead of another toy that they will soon discard.

Our extensive range of creative arts and craft activities and kits are suitable for all age groups. You don’t have to be a creative person to enjoy the experience of making something with your kids. Our DIY craft kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and give even those parents who are busy with an avenue to explore their creative side and spend quality time with their children.