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The influence of a warm bath should never go unnoticed. Since the beginning of time baths have been considered more than just a way to cleanse. Aside from being one of life’s most popular simple pleasures, a bathing ritual can be healing, stress-relieving and a fabulous way to wind down with wellness.

The habitual bathing of your child is much more than just getting clean and ready for bed. The ritual of a regular bath time can provide a memorable bonding experience for child and parent or caregiver and has proven to be beneficial to a child’s budding development. Also, the sense of touch is highly regarded as an essential motivator of vigorous childhood development. Studies have shown that a regular post-bath massage can calm and soothe a baby or toddler and may lead to increased awareness.

You can turn an ordinary bath into a tub of fun and sensory play with kids bath toys from Australia. Using high-grade toys that are rich in colour and texture will stimulate your child’s growing senses. At Rainbow Fun, we provide a host of trendy and innovative bath toys to make bath time a fun time for adults and kids.

How Bath Toys Help Make Bathing Fun and Tech-Free

A bath can be a hub of tech-free fun for kids and parents. As the kids are getting clean in the hands-on environment of the bathtub, they will experience a rare and important time without technology. After all, who wants to take an electronic device in the water? Studies have shown that a high percentage of parents indicate that they rarely or never choose to utilise their cell phone during child’s bath time. By deeming bath-time one that is free from all technology, you’re creating a perfect time for a one-on-one connection with your child.

Fun bath toys can keep kids fully engaged during bath time without the need for technology. Imagine a bubbly land where you sprinkle the soft sudsy water with some special powder, and like magic, the water turns into a green goo! This eco-friendly and non-toxic bath toy is just one of the children’s bath toys you can buy in Australia to make bath time more fun.

We also offer other kid favourites such as nesting and stacking cups, a colour-changing horse, and floating eco-friendly boats.

Save Time and Buy Children’s Bath Toys Online

At Rainbow Fun, we aim to provide kids with traditional toys to play with in an enthused and creative manner. Our online store is the perfect place to shop for educational and fun bath time toy options. Even the busiest parents will be able to contend with the intrigue of modern technology when they come home with cool bath toys that offer their children unique opportunities for play during bath time.

Our unique bath toy product line includes a wide range of appealing toys for curious little minds This total engagement of all the senses is what make the bath time ritual a time of fun. Check out these, and our host of other activity-inspiring non-bath related options including arts and crafts, imagination-inspiring kits, educational toys, and creative-play items that keep kids smiling as they get clean.