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There’s nothing quite like bath time for young kids. As a parent, you may even have fond memories of playing with toys in the bath as a little one. Bath time is unique, as it’s a time for cleanliness but also for fun and laughter. It’s even a valuable time for bonding between toddlers and parents. It’s especially a fun activity for working parents, who may spend all day at work and want some bonding time with their kids at the end of the day. Bath time is meant to be a fun experience to end a toddler’s day, and that’s why it’s necessary to supply them with some exciting, safe toys.

Our company, Rainbow Fun, offers a selection of handpicked, cute and quirky toddler bath toys online. Our store has everything from wooden boats and submarines to stacking cups and plastic seaplanes. We curate our entire line of bath time products with one goal in mind: providing fun, stimulating toys to help nurture toddlers’ creativity and imagination.

Making Bath Time Fun with Water Toys for Toddlers in Australia

There’s no reason that bath time with your toddler must be a chore. It should be a fun experience filled with laughter, play, and the occasional splashing (if mom and dad say it’s okay). As a parent, it’s so important to bond with your kids, especially at young ages, and bath time is a perfect opportunity to do so. Because there’s one-to-one interaction and a lack of distractions – leave the phone and tablet in the other room – you can focus on your child, and he/she will focus on you.

You can use this time to teach your toddlers new things. You can play with them, teach them about their toys (what does a submarine do?), or work on activities such as the alphabet or counting to ten. Bath time provides very few distractions, making it the best place to engage and help your child develop new skills.

Also, let them have some fun with their bath toys. The wooden boats and submarines are some of the most popular water toys because toddlers love to pretend they’re piloting or controlling vehicles. You can even add some wild and crazy stuff to the bath to make your toddlers laugh. Rainbow Fun sells a product called Slime Baff, which is a safe and clean product that temporarily turns your toddler’s bath water into slime (just turn the water back on to dilute the slime, leaving no mess). There are so many water toys that your toddlers will love!

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If you’re looking for stimulating, fun bath toys for your toddlers in Australia, you’ve found the best place for them. We have a wide selection of bath toys, as well as educational toys, board games, and puzzles. All our products are curated with toddler and child development in mind. Check out our online shop. We deliver straight to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia and have a physical store in Sunshine Coast.

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